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Afrika Kontakt’s Swaziland Group is seeking activists for a new campaign team

Do you believe in civil rights and democracy for all? Do you want to get hands-on experience in action-oriented research and advocacy work? If so, join our new Swaziland campaign team and help us support the cause of the Swazi pro-democracy activists.
03. oktober 2016

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The success of Afrika Kontakt’s mission – striving towards a democratisation of the world’s political and economic structures – relies to a large extent on our ability to do quality advocacy work in the global North. In our latest effort to support our friends and allies from the pro-democracy movement in Swaziland, the last remaining absolute monarchy in Sub-Saharan Africa, we have decided to undertake a campaign, launching in the spring of 2017, to make the Swazi case known in Denmark. This means we will be targeting the general Danish population but also addressing decision-makers. The campaign will be accompanied by and based upon research work that we are going to conduct ourselves. We want to investigate Swaziland’s deeply undemocratic regime, but most interestingly the regime’s connections with the EU and other Western political actors who are de facto supporting the monarchy and its abuses. Moreover, we are currently beginning the planning of a Swaziland Solidarity Seminar, which is expected to take place in the spring of 2017 in Johannesburg, and will aim to help the Swazi democratic movement garner support from regional and international actors, and strengthen its internal cohesion.

As a new activist, you will be part of both the research work and the preparation and implementation of the campaign, as well as – if you wish – the organisation of the Solidarity Seminar in Johannesburg. You will be performing a series of tasks which can include:

  • Researching and analysing various documents on Swaziland/its relationships with the EU;
  • Engaging in lobby work i.e. writing letters, meeting relevant political figures, running petitions…;
  • Developing a social media strategy to guarantee a broader reach for the campaign;
  • Communicating with relevant press/media;
  • Networking to enlist the support of like-minded organisations and grassroots;
  • Creating and distributing campaign material, both offline and online;
  • Organising offline campaign events such as film screenings, debates, open meetings, demonstrations etc.;
  • Cooperating closely with Afrika Kontakt’s allies in Swaziland to ensure that the campaign aligns with the democratic movement’s views, strategies and priorities;
  • Coordinating with various organisations for the set-up of the spring 2017 Solidarity Seminar.

We are looking for someone who:

  • Has a manifest interest in and/or knowledge of African politics and human rights;
  • Is willing to participate in several working meetings each month;
  • Has solid communication skills;
  • Can contribute to the research and the campaign with creative ideas and inputs;
  • Is a good team player.

What we can offer you:

  • A friendly and inspiring environment where you will be surrounded by plenty of dynamic and committed activists;
  • Direct insights on how social movements with a democratic agenda operate in a highly repressive environment like Swaziland;
  • First-hand experience in planning and implementing an ambitious national campaign, but also in conducting action-oriented research;
  • The chance to have a real say in decision-making processes within the team, and true ownership of the campaign itself;
  • Continuous assistance and guidance from more experienced activists and from Afrika Kontakt’s staff.

CONTACT: or if you are interested or would like more information