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Get people engaged for action! - Take part in our campaign group

Afrika Kontakt is searching for dedicated activists to take part in campaign work, which aims at a fundamental change of the global system!
12. februar 2018

Information and campaign work is an essential part of Afrika Kontakt's work. The campaign group is trying to change the thinking and practice of the people in our society and of decision-makers by spreading knowledge and information about a number of issues, we elaborate on in our global network of partner organizations and through our research work with them. Therefore, our campaigns aim at the Danish population in general, as well as on policy makers in Denmark, the EU and internationally. We have previously made campaigns about global inequality, ocean grabbing, the TTIP agreement, climate justice and free trade. You can see our previous campaigns here. Our current campaign “Development for who?” aims at creating a critical debate on the implementation of neoliberal development policies and how they focus on Danish interests. Thereby we want to put pressure on companies, actors and investors who benefit from exploiting the poor countries' labour and natural resources to take responsibility.

 Take part in the project group and

  • Work closely within a critical network of social organization and find collective solutions for the global crisis system
  • Develop campaigns from A to Z
  • Facilitate public events, creative actions and demonstrations
  • Produce promotional materials of various kinds, such as animated films and infographics
  • Write articles and readers, perform lobbying through letter-writing or signature collections
  • Only our imagination and commitment sets the limits

We are looking for people who

  • Are interested in a critical approach to development work and global justice
  • Want to learn about developing campaigns
  • Want to participate in network activities and educate themselves on new topics and the political context in which we work
  • Are eager to learn how to produce podcasts

About Afrika Kontakt

Afrika Kontakt is a solidarity organization. We take our position in the world we live in seriously and together with grassroots organizations worldwide, we try to influence and change the current world order. We fight against global inequality and the political and economic power of the global elite. We do this in cooperation with progressive movements in Africa and the rest of the world. Together we struggle for a more equitable and fair world. Our work is defined in our strategy, which you can read here.
You do not need to be an experienced activist - everyone who is interested, and shares our principles of active solidarity, can join. As an activist in Afrika Kontakt you will take part in a dynamic collective, engaged in the struggles to secure economic, social and political rights globally and be able to make a difference. Our only requirement is that you become a member and that you dedicate the time needed.

Feel like joining?

Please write a short motivation for joining the group to, or call Afrika Kontakt to learn more +45 3535 9232. We will subsequently invite you, and other interested, for an information meeting where we can tell you more about our group’s work and get to know you.
You are also very welcome to participate in our workshop on the 18th of February on how to campaign, were we will address the basic steps to develop a campaign and have a look at a toolkit of different methods on how to engage different target groups in our mission. Afterwards we will take establish a timeline for 2018 which will represent the bigger picture all our working groups are working for! Take a look at the agenda here.