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Internship in South Africa with Afrika Kontakt’s partner organisation TCOE

Afrika Kontakt (AK) and our South African partner Trust for Community Outreach and Education (TCOE) are looking for an intern to join the secretariat of TCOE in Cape Town, South Africa.
06. maj 2016

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We, AK, have a long and successful partnership with the very skillful South African organisation Trust for Community Outreach and Education (TCOE). TCOE is a grassroots organisation, who fights for a fair reallocation of soil at the benefit of small scale farmers, workers’ rights and a less industrial and more sustainable agricultural production. The main goal of the organisation is to create a broad movement of farmers who fight for everything from eco-agricultural methods, to farmers' rights and political litigation.

 As an intern in TCOE and AK you will be based in Cape Town, and mainly be supporting TCOE in their daily work. You will get a unique insight into how an umbrella organisation works with lobbyism and concrete initiatives on labour rights, food security, women’s rights etc. Furthermore AK has an activist group based in Denmark, who works to raise money for TCOE in new and creative ways. The money is mainly raised for two projects: A rural legal center and a project on food sovereignty. As an intern you will mainly be working with those two projects, and one of your main tasks will be to link the volunteer group in AK and the projects in TCOE.

The internship entails:

  • Fundraising for TCOE’s projects
  • Carrying out research
  • Communication tasks from the field and working with social media
  • Assisting TCOE in documenting the work of their partners
  • Supporting campaign work (both in South Africa and Denmark)
  • Lobby work on farmer and land rights
  • Supporting the secretariat in TCOE with ad hoc jobs and administrative work
  • The intern will assist the TCOE-group in AK 


  • You are able and used to work independently
  • You have been enrolled in an academic education for at least one year
  • You are expected to live in Cape Town from august or september to mid-december (at least 3 months)
  • Knowledge about South Africa is an advantage, but not a requirement
  • A high level of spoken and written english

AK is a solidarity organisation that, together with grassroots movements from all over the world, fights for systemic changes in the global system. We believe that a more equal and just world is possible. We support social movements from the South in their fight for democracy, basic rights and a more just distribution of natural resources. We work to influence the policies in Denmark, Europe and globally, and to mobilise and inform the population of Denmark about the conditions that creates inequality and the possibilities of change.

AK is a non-profit organisation. We can therefore not support you with any financial help for living- or travel expenses.

Deadline for applications is the 18th of May. Applications should be send to

If you have any questions contact AK: 3535 9232 or send an email to