Activist Bootcamp: Creative activism and strategies for nonviolent direct action

When: Friday the 5th of May 16.30-18.30

How can we use our bodies and voices to stand up for Global Justice and take action on Global issues in our part of the World? And which strategies and methods can we use to create powerful statements, street actions and campaigns? Join us for an inspiring and fun afternoon and continue the discussion at the Friday bar.

The two hour bootcamp will present an overall frame for civil action and creative forms of activism. Through cases from the Global South and North we will discuss and reflect upon about how activists can use a variety of tools and methods to mobilize creative awareness and push for change. The bootcamp aims to give the participant a variety of tools to use in their work and through participatory workshops we will reflect, learn and discuss how to use our resources strategically and most effectively.

Speaker & Facilitator: Political organizer, Søren Warburg, from the activist platform Beautiful Rising will give a presentation on methods and tools for peaceful civil action with inspiration and examples from around the World. Søren is the Operations Director of Beautiful Rising and has spent years working with social movements and activists across the globe and holds a MA in Political Science with a focus on civil disobedience.

About Beautiful Rising:  Beautiful Rising is a platform that harnesses the insights of changemakers worldwide to help make our movements more strategic, creative and effective. For more info and inspiration on methods, cases and concepts visit:

Registration: To register send an e-mail with your name, and working group to