Workshop: How to campaign - get people engaged for action!

Do you want to mobilize people to make a change or just want to become a high-class campaigner? - Then you need to visit this workshop!

When: Sunday, 18. February, 12.30 - 6pm

We will address the basic steps to develop a campaign and have a look at a toolkit of different methods on how to engage different target groups in our mission. Afterwards we will take these newly learned tools and get into action ourselves by looking at our own campaign "Udvikling for hvem? - Development for who?" and establish a timeline for 2018 which will represent the bigger picture all our working groups are working for!

It doesn't matter whether you are an oldie within AK or have just recently become an activist - everybody is welcome, even your friends who have just shown interest in AK but never set a foot inside!

Detailed agenda coming soon.

We are looking forward to an energetic meeting where we will let our imagination run wild!


Franziska Koop, AfrikaKontakt.

Practical information and registration
The course is free for activists and everybody who is interested and includes a lunch.

Registration to
Deadline for registration: Friday, 16.02.2018