Friday bar

Struggles for social and climate justice in Mozambique's coal district

The friday bar is a social event to hang out with your fellow activists for a beer. This time the Cafe starts out with an input from AK's partner in Mozambique, the AAAJC.
23. november 2018 | 17:00 til 23:00
Afrika Kontakt, Wesselsgade 2, 2200 København N

It is a pleasure to have the visit from Ali Chaucate, lawyer from AAAJC (Associacao de Apoio e Assistência Jurídica as Commundades) in Mozambique. AAAJC works with democratic mobilization of local communities in the Tete-province in Mozambique and supports the population in seeking redress and compensation for violations caused by extractive industries and mega projects in the province. The Tete province holds an estimated 23 billion tons of coal reserves and approximately 60% of land in Tete is already tied up in mining concessions. The Brazilian transnational corporation VALE has mining activities all over the world. In the Tete-province they extract coal for the global market. Eight Danish Pension Funds hold investments in VALE Mozambique and uphold their investments even though Afrika Kontakt has drawn their attention to the atrocities occurring to the local communities in the area of mining as well as the climate implacations of coal.

Ali Chaucate will give a short presentation on the situation in Mozambique's coal district and we will soon open up for a dynamic dialogue on coal, climate and solutions.

Beers and sodas are for sale - 10 kr - cash or Mobilepay.